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RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution

RTPP Update: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution

In this RTPP Update:

  1. RTPP August 2 Meeting: 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution with speakers: Susan Shelley and Jason Anderson.
  2. 96 Days to Save the MAGA Revolution.
  3. RTPP’s 4th of July in the Park and “After Party” were great successes.
  4. The #SB54 Rebellion Continues; Protect Americans not criminal #IllegalAliens.
  5. Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration is an Existential Issue for the #MAGA Cause.
  6. #MSSM [mainstream social media] aka #BigDemTech: Don’t Whine; Fight Back.
  7. Please See and Support Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie: “Death of a Nation.”
  8. Share and Support the #WalkAway movement.
  9. Tea Party Patriots
  10. Redlands Tea Party Patriots online.
  11. Our Special Thanks & Appreciation.


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Here are the videos from the newsletter that will not play in the pdf copy.

Trailer to Dinesh D’Souza’s great new movie: Death of a Nation [Go see it].

Brandon Straka’s video that started the #WalkAway movement.


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