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RTPP Straw Poll Results May 29

See the Actual results Here San Benardino Registrar of Voters

Tim Donnelly, R, 73
Neel Kashkari, R, 1
Jerry Brown, D, 1

Secretary of State:
Dan Schnur, Independent, 7
Pete Peterson, R, 73
Alex Padilla, D, 1

Superintendent of Public Instruction: (non partisan)
Lydia Gutierrez, 81,
Tom Torklakson, 1
Marshall Tuck, 1

Ashley Swearengin, R, 74
David Evans, D, 8
John Perez, D, 2

State Board of Equalization, District 1:
George Runner, R, 69

State Board of Equalization, District 4:
Diane Harkey, R, 73
John Kelly, R, 3
Lewis Da Silva, R, 1

8th US Congress District:
Paul Cook, R, 40
Bob Conaway, R, 9
Paul Hannosh, R, 14

31st Congressional District: 
Lesli Gooch, R, 58
Paul Chabot, R, 22

36th Congressional District:
Roy Haynes, R, 4
Brian Nestande, R, 52

33rd State Assembly:
Michelle Ambrozic, R, 46
Art Bishop, R, 2
Jerry Laws, R, 1
Jay Obernolte, R, 9
Brett Savage, R, 1
Rick Roelle ,  R,  1



40th State Assembly:
Marc Steinorth, R, 68
(no one else got votes)

42nd Assembly District:
Gary Jeandron, R, 8
Chad Mayes, R, 57

52nd Assembly District:
Dorothy Pineda, R, 52
Freddie Rodriquez, D, 1

55th Assembly District:
Ling-Ling Chang, R, 43
Phillip Chen, R, 3
Steve Tye, R, 4

SB County District Attorney:
Grover Merritt, 73
Michael Ramos, 8

SB County Sheriff:
Paul Schrader, 68
John McMahon, 11

SB County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District:
Randy Beasley, 30
Janice Rutherford, 18

SB County Board of Supervisors, District 4:
Curt Hageman, 24
Gary Ovitt ,   12
Negrete McLeod, 1

John Wayne, 1
CT Snell, 1

Prop 41:
YES, 11
NO, 72

Prop 42:
YES, 42
NO, 11

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  1. Harvey

    A Straw Poll Result, in this particular instance is the results from an informal vote taken at our meeting on the 29th of May. It is representative of what several hundred patriot’s think about the various candidate at this moment in time.

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