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Someone Actually Drove From Ukiah!

Someone Actually Drove from Ukiah!


We’ve had such a wonderful and productive September, we felt it was time for a recap!

First, we want to welcome the dozens of new members to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots newsletter who signed up after attending our most successful events with GOP state chairman Jim Brulte on Sept. 5 and our Leadership Institute training on Sept. 7. This newsletter now has more than 1,600 subscribers — many of the new ones being conservatives from points well beyond the Inland Empire. Again, welcome!


Our Sept. 7 Leadership Institute training was a wild success (not a ho-hum success or a mild-success, but an awesome success!) Here’s why: Our goal was 40 people. We got 63! That includes a dozen people who just showed up at the Mill Creek Cattle Co. The audience included many people from towns like Riverside, Corona, Banning, and Barstow.

It gets better! We also had people from towns as far away as Yorba Linda, Bakersfield — and, get this — Ukiah! According to Google Maps, Ukiah, well north of San Francisco, is a 550-mile one-way drive to Redlands! We are stunned, floored, and impressed! Oh gosh we hope our events were worth the drive!

The Leadership Institute provided two trainers who filled our heads with all sorts of useful knowledge with everything from successful political messaging and voter identification to winning campaigns and door knocking. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive and that they wanted even more training from the Leadership Institute. 

And here’s your chance! The LI is sponsoring a Sept. 19 event in Ontario about the natural pairing of Latinos and conservatives. See the adjoining panel for details. Also:

The Leadership Institute is so awesome that, after its Redlands training last week, it’s easy to see why Obama’s IRS targeted LI for financial strangulation.

Also, our Sept. 5 general meeting with state GOP chairman Jim Brulte was a standing-room-only event. We counted 175 people, one of our larger crowds in recent months. The event was well-covered by the local media. Brulte updated the audience about the likelihood of voters destroying the liberal super-majority in Sacramento in 2014. (Many people were floored when Brulte informed us that Gov. Jerry Brown is actually the moderate in that town.)

The “co-ed bathroom bill” repeal petitions, distributed for the first time at the Brulte meeting, are flying out of our hands! Many people who took some at that Thursday meeting are already coming back for more. We will have more available to the public at the 9/11 event at Ed Hales Park. See the side panel for more details.

Internal polling from the Privacy for all Students coalition shows that the AB 1266 repeal measure will pass overwhelmingly if it makes the ballot. Reality is few, if any, all-volunteer efforts ever qualify for the ballot, but the coalition is reporting that professional signature gatherers have been hired to help collect the minimum 505,000 valid signatures needed by the Nov. 12 deadline.

That is significant because the initial Stop SB 48 LGBT mandatory positive teaching repeal in 2011 fell short of qualifying for the 2012 ballot by less than 10,000 valid signatures. 

Despite that boost from the pros to help repeal AB 1266, volunteers are still the key to collecting enough signatures for qualification. This law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Aug. 12, is so offensive and upsetting to parents, Christians, patriots — even low-informed voters are upset — that the liberal media can’t help but acknowledge the public groundswell against this most absurd and indefensible law.

The hiring of professionals means the AB 1266 repeal will likely qualify for the 2104 ballot if we collect as many signatures as we possibly can. Do not let up under any circumstance.

We have expanded the adjoining column updating events conservatives might like to attend.

Finally, thank you so much for your support. We are excited about many of our events this fall — and it’s not even an election year…

…and we will not be offended if conservatives from Ukiah don’t make the 1,100 round-trip drive to Redlands for our events. Considering how Obama’s gas is nearly $4 a gallon, we will understand.