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Suspend AB32 – Proposition 23

Here it is, back from the past to cost us much!  Originally posted August 2010

Assembly Bill 32, “The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006,” was intended to protect California from human caused global warming. Whether global warming is in fact caused by humans or by natural processes, AB 32 is ineffective and counterproductive, massively costly to businesses and families, and will increase our state deficit and/or cut services including those related to public health and environmental protection.

Economists estimate if nothing is done AB 32 will:
* Cost California up to 1.1 million jobs
* Cost the average family $3,857 a year in greatly increased expenses for housing, transportation, food and energy
* Cost $49,691 per small business
* Result in a total loss of output of $182.649 billion
* Devastate budgets of California social services agencies through massive losses in tax revenue

Ineffective and Counterproductive
California produces only 1.4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so our efforts to address climate change (if even real) cannot be successful alone. AB 32’s go-it-alone approach will impose massive costs on businesses that can be easily avoided by relocation across state or national boundaries. 

Increases our State Deficit and/or Cuts Services
The drastic drop in California’s economic output that will result from AB 32 will also result in a drastic drop in revenues for state agencies, including those responsible for providing social services and protecting the environment. Agencies which face cuts of up to 80% under AB 32 include the Department of Public Health, Department of Developmental Services, Children’s Medical Services and Rural Health and Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Increases Government Control of Individual Decisions
In attempting to protect the environment, the government has given itself an increased role in personal decisions such as where individuals choose to live and what they choose to drive. AB 32 regulations will attempt to force Californians from their trucks, minivans, SUV’s, muscle cars and classic cars in favor of vehicles that are smaller, more expensive to purchase and less safe.


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