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Thankful Patriots

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Thankful Patriots

“Of all the characteristics needed for both a happy and morally decent life, none surpasses gratitude.”  Dennis Prager

“And for our heritage – a land rich with the bountiful blessings of God, and the freedom to enjoy those rich blessings – we give thanks to God Almighty in this time, and for all time.”  Richard Nixon

We spend much of our time focusing on and fighting against what Obama and the Dem/Left are doing to America and the gathering foreign threats to America.  It often seems there is more bad news than good news.  We also face personal challenges, some very serious.  However, in addition to enjoying the turkey and fixins, the company of family and friends, watching football and/or dozing off on the sofa, let us give thanks and be grateful for America’s and our own individual blessings.

We in the Redlands Tea Party Patriots count among our blessings that we are citizens of the greatest and most exceptional country that has ever existed, the Constitution, the prior generations of patriots who created this great country and made her better, stronger and more prosperous with each generation, our service members who defend her still today, and the increasing numbers of citizens who are waking up to the responsibilities and duties of “the most important political office that of the private citizen.”

We on the Cabinet of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many dedicated patriots in the cause of preserving the freedom and opportunity for people today and our children and grandchildren to pursue the American dream.  We take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to this great cause and say thank you to everyone in the Redlands Tea Party Patriots and our Unite IE coalition partners who are doing so much in service of our great cause.

We also are keenly aware of the ultimate source of our blessings, and keenly aware as Louis Gohmert said: “‘It’s in God’s hands’ does not mean we can lean on our shovels and wait for the hole to dig itself.” 

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots and our Unite IE allies are not slowing down for the holidays, other than perhaps for a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and then back to work because we have an exceptional nation to be grateful for and to save.


The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill

If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis

It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs