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The Evil Within by Marilyn Snyder

The Evil Within 
by Marilyn Snyder

Ignorant, yes.  Prejudiced, yes.  Unpatriotic, yes.  I and my fellow tea party members have been called these pejoratives and far more by liberals because we asked our City Council to protect us from potential jihadi infiltration by not taking in Syrian refugees. 

I have been insulted, belittled, and vilified despite the plain hard facts I presented in my columns.

But I really take it personally when I am called evil by a Redlands town leader.

To condemn tea party members to be as evil as the husband and wife terrorist duo who executed Americans because they weren’t Muslim, is such fallacious thinking that it boggles the mind. 

Yet Mayor Paul Foster, undaunted by reality, equated us to be as evil as the jihadi assassins. 

At a recent City Council meeting, he said, “Despite the loud voices of a few individuals spreading fear we are a community that embraces residents of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds and we will not honor one act of evil with another act of evil.”

To Paul Foster, conservatives are evil when they attest that Syrian refugees could harbor terrorists and ignores the fact that we are simply trying to protect our town from enemies in an undeclared war. 

Well, actually, the enemy, ISIS, has very definitively declared war on the United States.  Unfortunately President Obama admits that he hasn’t been watching enough cable television to realize that We the People are worried about more terrorist attacks. He must be delusional not to know that a recent CNN poll shows seventy-seven percent of Americans believe that our government can’t protect us.

FBI Director Comey testified before Congress that they are unable to properly vet Syrian refugees due to a lack of source information.  Never mind that just this last week, we found out that ISIS has possession of thousands of blank passports and that they are bragging about how they have infiltrated the refugees with jihadis.    

War is war, my friends, and just because it is a different kind of war doesn’t mean that we should jeopardize our lives for political correctness.  If anybody should realize that, we who live where the San Bernardino terrorists nested should be most aware that terrorists should not be invited in.

If a rabid dog were coming down the street, we wouldn’t send our children out to call the doggie into the house so we can get it medical attention. 

Paul Foster doesn’t care as much about the danger to Redlanders as he does about projecting his liberal politically correct message.

To the left, the root of all evil is social injustice and Americans must eradicate it even if doing so destroys our way of life.  Even if it puts out a welcome mat inviting rabid dogs into our neighborhood.

Liberals apparently think tea party members are unable to see the difference between good and loyal American Muslims who reject radical Islam and the American Muslim and his Pakistani wife who executed innocents. We are not proposing that American Muslims be deported, or jailed, or sent to a Manzanar-like camp. 

My husband, a Vietnam vet, reminded me that previous wars had front lines, behind which the enemy stood ready to kill.  In this war, the enemy worked daily and broke bread with those he later slaughtered.  His terrorist wife accepted baby presents from those she would shoot down like rabid dogs and with about the same level of mercy.

This enemy is unlike any we have previously faced.  Surely none of us can imagine abandoning our six-month old baby to strap on war gear to go massacre co-workers.  Then leave behind a bomb meant to blow to pieces both survivors of the attack and first responders.

That is truly the face of evil.

Not Redlanders who want to keep Syrian refugees out of the country until such time that we can be sure they are jihadi-free.

We conservatives have been unjustifiably disparaged by the mayor of Redlands, Paul Foster, who divides us into “virtuous” versus “evil.”

To so badly misinterpret the ideas of a majority of his constituents is to create a painful chasm that cannot soon be healed.

Marilyn Snyder has a Master’s Degree in Systems Analysis from USC.  She is a member of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots.