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The Federal Government Mandates a “Fair Housing Plan” on Redlands

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MANDATES A “FAIR HOUSING PLAN” ON REDLANDS.  (Take their survey and let them know what you think about this.)

The City of Redlands and San Bernardino County are working on plan that will include low income housing, group homes, homeless shelters etc in Redlands.  

Is that what you want for your neighborhood?  If not, why allow or require it for someone else’s neighborhood.  

Redland sold part of its authority to control land use decisions in Redlands to the Federal government for grant money.  Because Redlands accepted Federal grant money, the Federal government can force a “fair housing plan” to the Federal government’s liking on Redlands. 

[I wonder which city council members approved this?  It is ironic since their out of own supporters are attacking Neil Derry for wanting to make Redlands like San Bernardino.]

 They claim they want citizens input.  I recommend we given them our input by taking the Survey Monkey survey found at:

 Please also see and make comments on the RDF article at: