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The First Step In Dealing With #Immigration Is To Enforce Our Current Immigration Laws

This article again shows that the first step in dealing with #Immigration is to enforce America’s immigration laws.

“It is not well known, but U.S. law (Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act) specifically forbids the admission of any immigrant who is likely to depend on public assistance. The Obama administration, like the George W. Bush administration before it, refuses to enforce the law. What should the next president do?”

Report: Immigrant Households Using Welfare At Vastly Higher Rate Than Native-Born Households

“51 percent of immigrant-headed households (both legal and illegal) reported using at least one welfare program.”

Enforcing this #Immigration law will solve at least half of the #Immigration problem, and probably more than half, because excluding the welfare recipients and likely welfare recipients will exclude mostly the least desirable immigrants.

BTW, why is complying with the mandatory for Christian clerks and bakers but optional for presidents?


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