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The First Tea Party Principles Speech Contest was a Great Success

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The First Tea Party Principles Speech Contest was a Great Success 

For those of you who missed it, we had five great performances and speeches from five amazing high school and college students.  The judges had a difficult task to rank the speeches, but in any contest, someone has to win.  Maybe there is hope for America’s future after all.

And the results are:
**1st.  Ashley Grace Woods ($2000)
**2nd.  Price T. Morgan ($1000)
**3rd.  Troy Obernolte ($500)
**4th.  Isabella Fortuna
**5th.  Wade Preciado

Videos of their speeches are below.

Thank you to:
**Speech coach Suzanne Strauss, who spent vast amounts of time helping our contestants be even better.
**Sponsors: Jay Obernolte, Marc Steinorth, Mike Morrell and Jan Leja.
**George Hawat from Gun Box Armory for donating a $530 shot gun to raffle to help raise money for the prizes.
**The Speech Contest organizing team: Julius Botelho, Maggie Brummett, Dave Castillo, Ron Gravette, Michael Mercier, Carolyn Hays and Greg Brittain.
**”You know who you are” for organizing the yard sale that raised money for the prizes.
**The contestants’ families for their support.

Tea Party Principles:
Personal freedom with constitutionally limited government.
Economic freedom with opportunity for all and favoritism for none.
A debt free future through fiscal responsibility today.

We believe the Tea Party principles were an essential part of making America great, free and prosperous and are essential to restoring and keeping America great, free and prosperous.  These principles are antithetical to the big government ruling class, which is why they attack the Tea Party movement so vigorously and viciously, but always without mentioning the Tea Party principles.


Here is a video of all of the speeches.  We will post videos of the individual speeches soon.