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The Letter The Facts Declined to Print

The Letter the Redlands Daily Facts Declined to Print

Facts Editor:

In the strongest possible terms, we are condemning the race card Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar dealt the Redlands Tea Party Patriots as part of his latest campaign solicitation letter.

Here’s the gist:

Our opponent, Republican Congressman Gary Miller, has been endorsed by extreme right-wing group that spews hateful rhetoric and even suggested that immigrants were like terrorists,” the letter says. “Chip in $3 right now to make sure we have the resources to fight back against Miller’s Tea Party backers.

Read the entire letter for yourself at:

To raise just $3, Pete Aguilar shamelessly smears his own citizens as part of his ongoing campaign to try again to win the congressional set he lost to Gary Miller in 2012. Aguilar’s letter is as offensive as it is false and misleading.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is an all-volunteer organization that, like the Tea Party movement as a whole, includes Republicans and Democrats as well as Libertarians and independents.

We never said anything that Aguilar claims in his letter. That statement is supposedly attributed to the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, basically one guy with a web site in Raleigh, North Carolina. To the best of our knowledge, the website has nothing to do with any group this side of the Continental Divide.

Couldn’t Pete and his crack campaign staff find anything inside California to justify their smear?

It’s clear from the letter that the Redlands Tea Party Patriots were Aguilar’s actual target. He is engaging in dog whistle politics so readers would connect his racist claims with the tea party movement. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

We are the largest and most effective tea party group in the Inland Empire. We are attracting new members throughout the region because of our uncompromising belief in our principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

Aguilar might have known that had he ever had the courage to attend our monthly meetings or participate in our City Council forums.

Further, Aguilar misleads readers into thinking we have endorsed Gary Miller. This is false. We will be coming out with our primary endorsements early next year.

It’s a safe bet we won’t be endorsing Pete. His anti-Second Amendment and pro-tax positions are well documented. He also helped to author a resolution for the anti-free market Occupy Redlands. And recently, at the September Coffee with the Council, he advocated his support for the “Co-ed Bathroom Law,” which allows minors of all ages to share toilets, showers, locker rooms and sports teams if, even for a moment, a boy or girl thinks he or she is transgender. That law offers no safeguards and students cannot object to their invasion of privacy.

We are calling on Aguilar to publicly apologize for his racist letter.

John Berry, media coordinator, Redlands Tea Party Patriots.