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The Price Tag for Refugee Resettlement $ €


  1. Greg

    After learning about the risks and costs of bringing “refugees” from the very troubled Middle East to America and possibly to Redlands from investigative journalist James Simpson and others, members of Redlands Townhall and Redlands Tea Party Patriots tried to alert their fellow citizens to these risks and cost. [Please see the 5 minute video from James Simpson below.]

    In response we were aggressively attacked and disparaged with the usual liberal “racist,” “Islamaphobic” etc. name calling in the Redlands Daily Facts.

    To paraphrase the late great activist, Andrew Breitbart, truth is not bigoted, racist, Islam-a-phobic or any other “ist” or “phobic” Dems, MSMs, liberals and Leftists use to intimidate their political opponents and silence debate; truth is truth.

    The Redlands Daily Facts published an editorial, op-ed and multiple letters to the editor attacking members of Redlands Townhall and Redlands Tea Party Patriots for alerting people about the risks of terrorism of bringing in large numbers of “refugees” from Syria as a Middle East and the cost to American taxpayers of doing so, naïvely assuming those risks and costs do not exist.

    The editorial, op-ed and letters try to intimidate and cut off debate with standard liberal tactic of calling their opponents “racist” and the similar terms. Sorry, that no longer works with us.

    The most important fact, which the liberal attacking us fail to mention, is the FBI and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence say the “refugees cannot be vetted for possible terrorists. ISIS said they plan to infiltrate terrorist in with the “refugees.” ISIS and Al Qaeda would be stupid if they did not infiltrate terrorists with the “refugees.” ISIS and Al Qaeda are evil but not stupid. None of the articles, letters, op-ed and editorial in the RDF mentioned these facts.

    While fortunately most Muslims are not jihadists and are not terrorists, the idea that we do not need to be concerned with Muslim Jihadist terrorists is naïve in the extreme, even for liberals. It was not Norwegians, Presbyterians, Buddhists, Filipinos, Methodists, Jews, Hindus, French, Japanese, Australians, Austrians, Israelis, Catholics, Lutherans, atheists, or agnostics, etc., etc., etc. who attacked America on 9/11, who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, who tried to kill Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights in Texas, who murdered French cartoonists, who planted bombs at the Boston Marathon, who killed military recruiters in Tennessee, who killed American soldiers at Fort Hood, who blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut, who pushed an elderly, disabled veteran in a wheelchair off a cruise ship, who burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive, who beheaded Christians on the coast of Libya, who attacked a shopping mall in Kenya killing only the Christians, who locked school children and their teacher in a school in Nigeria, set fire to it, and slit the throats of those who managed to get out, etc. etc. etc. [I could go on for many pages listing Muslim Jihadist terrorist attacks.]

    Pretending the threat Muslim jihadist terrorism does not exist may make liberals feel good, but it does not make the threat go away.

    The “refugees” also qualify for full welfare state benefits without time limits.

    Certainly, all Americans are entitled to the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution and should have equality before the law. This includes Americans who choose to follow Islam, communism, socialism, or any other religion, ideology or belief system, popular or unpopular. [Heck, even people who believe in the “extremist” Tea Party principles should have the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and equality before the law.] No one from Redlands Townhall or the Redlands Tea Party Patriots said or implied otherwise.

    The question is whether it is good for America, Americans, American workers, American taxpayers, and American children to bring in large numbers of “refugees” from a very troubled area of the world. More specifically, is it good for Redlands and the people of Redlands to bring “refugees,” welfare recipients and possible terrorists from that very troubled area of the world to Redlands?

    We say NO even if doing so would make liberals feel good.


    Here is a ~5 minute video of James Simpson.

    Or see:

    For more information about the history and ideology of Islam, “Islam 101” is a good starting point.

  2. Marilyn

    Toni Momberger, Editor, Redlands Daily Facts:

    In light of what’s happening right now in Paris, don’t you think you should be helping the people of Redlands to begin to understand what could happen here as I made clear in my last two columns–referring to infiltrated jihadists resettling in the Inland Empire?

    Please post both my op ed and Greg Brittain’s. It’s only fair considering that you printed and put on online three op eds against our point of view, AND printed three letters to the editor including one from a Facts Advisory Board member. AND there were two front page articles. None of these offered viewpoints from the other side–meaning conservative experts who disagreed with the progressives.

    Nobody speaking at the City Council, Greg, nor I called anyone any names. We merely presented facts. Not so from the other side. These are the names that I was called and the pejoratives that were used against me and the other tea party members in the Facts articles, op eds, and letters to the ed:

    · Fosters hate, borderline racism, fear, ignorance, nonsense, Un-Christian–and that was from one of your Advisory Members and you printed THAT letter.

    · Here are all the terms from a high school student: xenophobia, wicked false, dangerous, vague, unfounded morally unjustifiable, outright lie.

    · Here’s more: paranoia, ignorance, phobia, bigotry–all in ONE sentence from the esteemed Hossain.

    · And then there’s: bigotry, unAmerican, stoke fear, small-minded bigotry, fear-mongering, racism, religious bigotry, comparison to home grown violence, xenophobia again, demagoguery, prejudice, callous indifference, unpatriotic, harangue, Eurocentric, myth, and a fringe aberration.

    Find just one place where I resorted to pejoratives or denigration. Aint’ there.

    Please…a fair shake for the conservatives in this town who, along with me, are being maligned by the name-calling. We deserve better than this. And we conservatives deserve to see our viewpoint online.

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