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The Redlands Tea Party Patriots recommends and endorses John Montgomery for Redlands City Council

 The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is pleased to recommend and endorse John Montgomery for Redlands City Council.

 Our October 13 newsletter stated:

 “The only two members running for the RCC who don’t have San Manuel casino campaign contributions are Neil Derry and John Harrison Montgomery (Redlands small business owner). Please make those two the only two you pick for Redlands City Council. As of Oct. 13, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are adding John Harrison Montgomery to our voters guide for ballot recommendations.”

[We wonder what the San Manuel tribal leaders want from the other candidates if they are elected.]

“And John’s tattoos have made a good impression on us: He is taking a no new taxes pledge — a position that strongly aligns with our values of economic freedom, personal freedom, and a debt-free future.”

John also submitted the following letter to the editor, that unfortunately was not published, but you can see why we wholeheartedly recommend John Montgomery for Redlands City Council.

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” –Thomas Jefferson 

“As Jefferson, one of the brightest minds in our history states, a good government is a wise and frugal one that does not take the food from the mouths of the people who have earned it.As a political outsider, people may believe that I do not have the political knowhow to navigate the minefield of local politics.  The point that many miss is that it is not about POLITICS; it is about common sense….as one who has started several companies, created jobs, and grown businesses, I know what it means to manage and help others to be successful.  To this end, it will be one of my most important campaign promises that I will not vote for or approve any new taxes for the people of Redlands.  In fact, it will be my vow to do all that I can to try and shrink the taxes and burdens that we ask of our residents.  While we do all need to do our part to pay our share…it should be just that…our fair share.  Government tends to place the responsibility for every new idea they have on the back of the taxpayer and that is just wrong and is irresponsible governance.  As a businessman, when I have wanted to expand my existing business (infrastructure) or start a new business, I have not raised the prices on my customers to do this.  I have grown my business, looked for new ideas to increase my customer base, etc. so that I have more capital coming into my business.  Governing is no different.  If we want new programs, then we need to look at methods (such as increasing businesses in our city) to bring additional revenue into the city.  Putting more fees and taxes onto the backs of the working men and women and the already overtaxed middleclass is not the answer.”


John Mont. flyer

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  1. Jesse

    When city manager Martinez was invited to Redlands, Paul Barich and the Chamber of Commerce lead the charge to have him accepted by the city Council. This was done despite the knowledge that Martinez had hired and then dated a subordinate, whom he later married. Barich lead the charge despite knowing that Martinez of been accused of embezzling $47,000 which had been dismissed on a technicality.
    The evergreen contract granted by the city Council to Martinez has made him, in essence, the boss of the city. In light of that contract the City Council was rendered irrelevant in the city of Redlands. That contract was ratified by John Harrison,Jerry Bean, Pete Aguilar, Pat Gilbreath, and Mick Gallagher. The way that the game is set is that city Council relies on “staff” to answer any questions posed to them. The staff’s Solutions are directed by Martinez through whom consultants are hired, relieving all administrators from any culpability or responsibility. When Martinez was hired, we had no human relations administrator who was qualified to vet him. As a result a consultant was hired to hire Martinez. The excuse that some city council members have expressed for hiring Martinez is that the consultant did not reveal all of the clouds that he had been under in his prior six cities.
    As it stands now the city council is irrelevant and cannot be changed for there are not enough candidates who don’t go along with the status quo. We will continue under the rule of Martinez and Cardenas.
    But nonetheless I am casting my vote for you.

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