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The RTPP/Unite IE Christmas Party [pics and videos]

                                     The RTPP/Unite IE Christmas Party [pics and videos]

Thank you everyone who participated in the Redlands Tea Party Patriots/Unite IE Christmas party.  It was a fun event with important messages.

Susan Shelley succeeded in her most difficult task of finding a glint of sunshine trying to break through the dark Dem clouds over California.

Pastor Kevin O’Connor was great in his presentation “The Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Christmas Prophet, and What it Means for Us Today” and his final benediction.

Thank you to our In Hoc Anno Domini readers: Bill Kezar, Maggi Brummett, Ron Ask, Jeane Rossiter, Matthew Munson, and Carol Schlaepfer.  You did a great rendition.

Thank you the Gem City Jazz Cats for Christmas music with a swing.

Thank you to Gordon Forbes for his tribute to Bill Autry, a WWII veteran, who sang at our Christmas party two years ago.

Thank to the generosity of our members and a special donor we raised $1280.00 for Fisher House that provides housing to wounded veterans undergoing medical care and rehab for their injuries and for their families.

Thank you Mill Creek Cattle Co. for great food and service.

Thank you to Santa, aka John Berry.

Thank you to our VIP guests who helped defray the costs.

Thank you to a great photographer, Bei Wong for the following pics.

And, thank you to all who attended.  A great time was had by all.


The long war to save America will continue next year and beyond as long as American Patriots are willing to defend our country, freedom, Constitution and republic.



O Come Emmanuel


A Hallelujah Christmas