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The Vichy French Est Reps Surrender Again

The Vichy French Est Reps Surrender Again

What do the Vichy French Est Reps do with the largest majority in House since the 1920s and 9 more Senate seats giving the Reps the majority? Of course, complete and total surrender to Obama.

They engage in more “Wimpy” budgeting. [Wimpy is Popeye’s friend famous for saying “I will gladly repay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today.”]

The Vichy French Est Reps will gladly pay for more spending today by promising to restrain the growth of spending 10 years from now.

And, to add insult to injury, they think we are stupid.

And, the budget surrender does nothing to in any way limit Obama including issuing regulations, bringing in “refugees,” keeping the border wide open. The budget surrender fully funds everything Obama wants including Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and baby chop chops.

The Vichy French Est Reps have done nothing, and make clear they will do nothing, to in any way stop, hinder or delay Barack Hussein Obama in anything he wants to do. Are they really that weak and cowardly, or do they secretly agree with Barack Hussein Obama?

BTW, I am sure our children and grandchildren will not mind paying our debts.

Debt Limit – A Guide To American Federal Debt Made Easy.


And, “We are from the government” 

#Trump the Est Reps. #Trump the Washington Ruling Class.