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Tim Donnelly Joining Redlands Tea Party Patriots for May 31 Door Knocking

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly announced Wednesday that he is “proud” to be joining the Redlands Tea Party Patriots for their last primary election canvassing on May 31.
“I am proud to be joining the Redlands Tea Party Patriots to walk door to door on Saturday May 31st to spread our message of freedom as we try to unite the people of California and stand for right versus wrong,” the leading Republican candidate said in a written statement.
Donnelly’s door-knocking in Redlands is the first of three he will participate in Southern California on the last Saturday before the June 3 primary. The other walks are in Orange and Los Angeles counties.
The Redlands walk begins at 10 a.m. in the back parking lot of the Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., in Mentone. Donnelly will appear with his campaign bus before canvassing.
The Redlands Tea Party Patriots will provide training and water to the volunteers before sending them into conservative-heavy precincts in the Redlands area. Canvassers will have the option to walk in pairs and will be asked to knock on about 50 homes.
They will be asked to distribute Redlands Tea Party Patriots voter guides as well as campaign literature for conservative candidates and causes the group supports. The packet includes The California Conservative, a four-page newspaper detailing Donnelly’s background, positions, endorsements and accomplishments.
“There are thousands joining us across this state, walking to places where conservatives haven’t been in years to bring us all together for the fight, and I will be right there every step with you,” Donnelly said.
Since January, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have knocked on more than 2,000 homes in the Redlands area, said John Berry, canvassing director for the Redlands Tea Party Patriots.
“People like to be asked for their votes,” Berry said. “And door knocking is how elections are won.”
Numerous candidates have participated in previous Redlands Tea Party walks, Berry said. But Donnelly joining the May 31 canvassing is the first time a gubernatorial candidate has helped the Redlands Tea Party Patriots knock on doors, he said.
Donnelly, pegged as the leading Republican gubernatorial candidate in recent election polls, stressed he will win in November.
“I want our state back, I want our freedom back; I want my sons to have the same opportunity that I had to pursue the California dream without leaving the state of California to do it,” Donnelly said. “We are going to take back this state one house at a time if we have to.”