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Top Take Aways From the Redlands City Council Candidate Forum on September 23, 2014

Top Take Aways From the Redlands City Council Candidate Forum on September 23, 2014

 1st.      The Redlands “Crazy Train”

All of the candidates support the $200 Million San Bernardino to Redlands rail project aka the Redlands “Crazy Train.” [Hat tip Glenn Stull on that name.]  [Stay tuned for more information regarding this project.  I learned more information on September 25 that the project is far worse than I knew or feared.]

 2nd.    Jane Dreher went much further regarding the Redlands “crazy train.”  She said the project is part of a larger effort to get people to not drive their cars and more broadly to change the people’s lifestyles.  She used the words “need to change lifestyles.” 

Do any of you want the government to change your lifestyle?

Do any of you believe that is a proper function of government?

In America, we choose our own lifestyles.  It’s called freedom.

Jane Dreher is more radical and extreme on so called #sustainability than Jon Harrison, the current leading proponent on the city council.  A discussion of #sustainability is beyond the scope of this post.  #Sustainability is part of the Left’s efforts to fundamentally transform United States of America.  So-called #sustainability means more government, higher taxes, less freedom, less prosperity, less free enterprise and restricted property rights.

 3rd.     John Montgomery said recent articles show there is no global warming.  He did not use the word “hoax,” but he is only one of a few candidates or politicians brave enough and honest enough to say publicly there is no global warming, the modern equivalent of saying the Emperor has no clothes.  [I wanted to stand up and cheer!!!]

4th.     John Montgomery and Neil Derry said they would repeal the Redlands so called #sustainability plan. 

5th.     Paul Foster said that anyone concerned with so called #sustainability is a “chicken little” who does not want to protect the environment.  BTW, here are just a few examples from the 97 page Redlands so called #sustainability plan for you “chicken littles” to be concerned with:

  1. Reducing vehicle miles traveled by 20% by 2020? Who is supposed to take the bus?  [Hint, it’s not the people advocating so called #sustainability.]
  2. Raising residential trash rates to encourage people to use 60 gal bins rather than 90 gal bins. [Who has extra space in their trash bin?]
  3. Promoting staycations rather than vacations? [Next year for our “staycation,” we are planning day trips to Rialto and Fontana, on the bus of course.]
  4. Incentives to downsize the number of cars per household? [Again who is supposed to take the bus?  Do you or your spouse get to use the one family car today?]
  5. Reduced parking minimums for mixed-use developments to discourage people from owning and using cars?
  6. Bike “sharrows” to allow bikes to use the full lane and hold up car traffic behind them?

You can find the entire Redlands so called #sustainability plan at:—Final%20Community%20Sustainability%20Plan%20.pdf

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots invites and encourages people to read the plan for themselves regarding how the government plans to change our lifestyles.

Jane Dreher, worked at SCAG, one of the lead organizations for implementing so called #sustainability. 

In studying so called #sustainability, please remember the words of George Orwell: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  If you study #sustainability, you will learn that #sustainability uses Orwellian political language on steroids.

You can learn more about #sustainability at: || ||

6th.     All candidates said they want to bring more jobs and business to Redlands.  However, would Jane Dreher, who wants to use the government to change our lifestyles, really be good for bringing more business and jobs to Redlands?

7th.     Paul Foster and Jon Harrison indicated they still favor the proposed tax increase to pay for the hundred year flood plan to protect Esri and the downtown area.  [This ties into the Redlands “crazy train” and related so called #sustainable development.  More about this later.]  Jane Dreher wants to proceed with the project as money is available.

8th.     Neil Derry questioned whether the trash fee increase to pay for street repairs was really a tax increase, illegal under Proposition 218 without a vote of the people.   Neil Derry questioned whether the trash trucks are really causing 70% of the damage to Redlands streets, the “factual” basis for the City’s trash fee increase.  Paul Foster insisted the trash fee increase to pay for street repairs is legal, and other cities are interested in doing the same.  Neil Derry pointed out that after three years, not a single other city has followed Redlands’ example.  Neil Derry explained out that if the trash fee increase is found to be an illegal tax increase, this would cause Redlands great financial distress because the City issued bonds backed by the revenue from the trash fee increase.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots believe that any thinking and intellectually honest person would believe and admit the trash fee increase is a disguised tax increase.

9th.     Paul Barich said he supports the trash fee increase to pay for street repairs, but he said it should have gone to a vote of the people.  The Redlands Tea Party Patriots likes that kind of honesty even if we disagree regarding whether the government needs to take more of our money. 

10th.   Paul Foster aggressively attacked Neil Derry throughout the forum while at the same time trumpeting collegiality and teamwork on the city council.  Mr. Foster certainly did not display collegiality during the candidate forum.


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet recommends Neil Derry for Redlands City Council.  We may add to our recommendations.

 All of the Redlands City Council candidates were invited to our candidate forum at the next Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting on October 2.  Neil Derry, John Montgomery and Paul Barich accepted.  Paul Foster declined.  Jon Harrison said he has a prior commitment to present youth sports awards.  Jane Dreher initially accepted our invitation and later declined.