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Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, Fox Theater in Riverside, #UIECC16 “What difference does it make”


SPECIAL UPDATE: First floor tickets are 1/2 price still half price, $22.50, at the door if you mention a Unite IE group such as Redlands Tea Party Patriots.

Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, Fox Theater in Riverside

#UIECC16  “What difference does it make”

We invited all presidential candidates.  Even without presidential candidates, this year’s Unite IE Conservative Conference will be bigger, better and righter than ever.  [And funner too.]

For info and tickets:

Facebook event page.  [Please share with your Facebook friends.]

Newly confirmed speakers:

-Louis Gohmert [Texas congressman and as far from “establishment” as possible, very conservative, very incisive and very funny]

-John Eastman [Constitutional law professor, a real one unlike Obama, and one who respects the Constitution, unlike Obama]

-Stacey Dash [Actress and Fox News contributor, suspended from Fox News for saying Obama didn’t “give a s___” about terrorism, and then she Tweeted “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.”]

-Alfonzo Rachel [Christian conservative social/political humorist, video commentaries called ZoNation on]

-Ed Hoffman [Host of the Main Event on AM 590 The Answer, UIECC16 sponsor and owner of Wholesale Capital Corporation]

Already confirmed speakers include:

-Bill Whittle [who was fantastic at the Redlands Tea Party Patriots Christmas party]

-Trevor Loudon, [rousing speaker and author of “The Enemies Within”]

-Pastor Jack Hibbs [fantastic at the first UIECC and great at encouraging Christians to bring their faith and values into their roles as citizens]

-The PolitiChicks [Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon, what more needs to be said?]

-Tim Donnelly [protecting 2nd Amendment rights in California]

Larry Elder [“will criticize black ‘leaders’ for food,” new afternoon talk show host of the Salem radio network beginning in April]

-Evan Sayet [conservative comedian and commentator]

-Jenny Beth Martin [CEO national Tea Party Patriots]

-Frank Gaffney [national security expert with the Center for Security Policy]

-Steve Frank [California political guru]

-Tom Del Beccaro [re: tax reform]. 


Here is the latest flyer in JPG and PDF

UIECC flyer, 16-03-03

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