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First Ever Unite IE Conservative Conference -Review!

The first-ever Unite IE conservative conference even surprised us for how wonderful it was!
Normally, with a first-time event, there are more hiccups and speed bumps, but none were visible this time.   The speakers, the program, the videos, the energy, the networking, and the venue were all great.
The theater was packed throughout the day not only for a whole host of conservative speakers – Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Tim Donnelly – but with patriots staffing a wide variety of tables on numerous conservative causes ranging from conservative Republicans to Fair Tax advocates.

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The folks from Guard My Vote collected hundreds of signatures (if not a thousand or more) after our own John Berry spoke to the conference urging people to sign the petitions. John Berry,  a California state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, also invited people interested in forming a Tea Party to speak with him. As a result, there are two new prospective Tea Parties in the making.
Numerous members of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots staffed a table near the entrance and collected information from people who wanted to attend our meetings or form Tea Party Patriots chapters of their own. We soon expect some conservative from Riverside to form their own chapter.
Joann Marshall staffed our table all day distributing literature and selling t-shirts and patriotic magnets. We distributed stacks of fliers on our candidates and causes as well as yard signs of candidates listed on our popular Voters Guide. Jackie Siefferman also helped at our table.
It’s hard to gauge the impact of our presence, but according to what we heard, there was no downside to participating in this first-of-its-kind event. People left energized, motivated and encouraged to get off the couch and get onto the political football field.
Carolyn Hayes and Gregg Brittain worked the crowd and the tables to represent out cause throughout the day.
We want to thank KTIE – AM 590 The Answer for their generosity in running such a wonderful event. We heard an avalanche of positive feedback how people wanted a similar conference in the near future.
We also want to thank Don Dix and John Hancock, organizers of Unite IE, for the event. It’s amazing how Unite IE and their core supporters have gone from idea to conference in just 10 months. Unite IE, like the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, prove how a relatively few people can have such a positive and significant impact on the American electorate.
We look forward to participating in any such future event.
Following up on the Unite IE Conservative Conference, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots will sponsor with Unite IE, “Citizen Ninja” training on July 19 to help us be more effective in advocating the Tea Party principles of personal freedom, economic freedom, a debt free future and constitutionally limited government and rule of law. Stay tuned for more info.
– The Redlands Tea Party Patriots