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Unite IE Radio, Saturday, Oct. 24, 4:00 pm (and usually 10:00 pm), Guest: Evan Sayet

Unite IE Radio, Saturday, October 24, 4:00 p.m. (and usually 10:00 p.m.)

“The radio show for the most important political office, that of the private citizen”

AM 590 The Answer


Guest: Evan Sayet, conservative commentator and comedian

Author of “The Kindergarten of Eden, How the Modern Liberal Thinks”

Evan was a star performer at the Unite IE Conservative Conferences in 2014 and 2015.  Here is a clip from 2015.  

[BTW, mark your calendar for the next Unite IE Conservative Conference on March 19, 2016.]

Among other topics we discuss the Rep presidential race and Evan’s work for Ted Cruz.

We also cover, Hillary Clinton aka First Grifter and Benghazi and Paul Ryan’s bid to be Speaker.


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We want your comments, criticisms, ideas and suggestions.  e-mail  We may read your e-mails on the program.  As Bill O’Reilly says: “keep it pithy.”

Unite IE is a coalition of more than 20 patriotic groups in the Inland Empire of California turning isolated pockets of resistance into a united front for freedom and keeping our Republic.


Regarding Paul Ryan:

Ryan said:

“This is the American Dream. This is the American idea. Look, put yourself in another person’s shoes, which if you’re in elected office, that’s what you kind of have to do that almost every single day. The job we have–and what we do is we take different people’s perspectives. The gentleman from India who’s waiting for his green card. The DREAMer who is waiting. We take all these different perspectives. We process it through our values and our morals and our principles. And then we come up with the answer to try and solve this problem. That’s basically what we do in our jobs.”

Of course, Ryan makes no mention of concern for American workers or American taxpayers.

In June 2014, Ryan and Boehner were on the verge of pushing amnesty through the House with Dem and some Rep votes.  Ryan was secretly lining up the votes.  Then, Dave Brat defeated Eric Cantor largely on the immigration issue.  Ryan and Boehner shelved their plan.

If Ryan and Boehner had succeeded in getting amnesty through the House, Harry Reid and the Dems with 55 Senators would have needed only 5 pro amnesty Establishment Reps to get amnesty through the Senate. 

That would have been the end of America based on the principles that made her great free and prosperous.  Amnesty would have transformed all of America into a one party state governed by far left Dems like California is today.

Dave Brat and his team trained by the Center for Self-Governance saved America.

Paul Ryan also teamed up with the Dem amnesty zealot, Louis, Gutierrez, to push for the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill that in addition to amnesty for all illegal immigrants, when Dave increased legal immigration by 20 million over 10 years, in addition to the current 1,000,000+ per year of legal immigration.

Paul Ryan said:

“We want to have a system where people can come here and work– go back and forth if they want to…

SO THAT WE HAVE AN OPEN DOOR [Ryan’s words, he wants an “open door” immigration policy]

to the people who want to come and contribute to our country, who want to come and make a difference in their families’ lives, and our economy… That’s why we have all of these various principles that we agree work if we put this together… and that’s why it’s very encouraging to see Republicans and Democrats coming together on this issue.” (Emphasis added)

And see:

I believe Paul Ryan is a pro amnesty, open borders zealot who cares not for American workers, and Ryan is more dangerous than John Boehner.  [And we have not gotten to Ryan’s support for #ObamaTrade and his horrendous budget deal in 2013 with the Dems.]

Pat Buchanan said:

“Will the West endure, or disappear by the century’s end as another lost civilization? Mass immigration, if it continues, will be more decisive in deciding the fate of the West than Islamist terrorism. For the world is invading the West…. Countless millions are determined to come to the West, legally if they can, illegally if they must. And the more who succeed, the more who come… Western nations will be swamped. The character of their countries will be altered forever, and smaller countries will become unrecognizable. And as this is happening, ethnic and racial clashes will become more common… America is our home. We decide who comes in and who does not, how large the American family becomes, whom we adopt and whence they come… It has become the issue of 2016. Indeed, it is the issue of the 21st century.”

#Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.


The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill

If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis

It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs


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