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Unite IE Radio “the show for the most important political office, the private citizen” and Things You Should Know This Week (04/11/15)

Unite IE Radio “the show for the most important political office, the private citizen” and Things You Should Know This Week (04/11/15) 


Unite IE Radio

Saturday, April 11, 11:30 am (and usually 10:00 pm)

AM 590 The Answer 

Don Dix and Greg Brittain discuss our paths to political activism and the most important political office, the private citizen. 

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The Tea Party Patriots and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots seek to protect and restore the freedom and opportunity for you, your children and grandchildren to pursue the American dream through: 

  • Personal Freedom with Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Economic Freedom with Opportunity for All and Favoritism for None
  • A Debt Free Future through Fiscal Responsibility Today 

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Tea Party Patriots’ legislative updates published on Mondays are excellent.  You get information and insight not found anywhere else. 

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The next Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting will be April 30 with Trevor Loudon “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” 

You can watch the trailer to his movie, and if you are so moved, make a contribution to the movie at 


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Waiting game goes on for professor caught in Marquette speech battle

““If Marquette can fire a tenured professor for criticizing a fellow teacher on a blog, then tenure at Marquette is worthless, as are freedom of speech and academic freedom,”

Marquette, a Catholic University, is attempting to fire Professor McAdams for criticizing another teacher that would not allow a student to discuss Catholic teaching regarding gay marriage in the teacher’s philosophy class.  This again shows that liberty is not a value of the Left.  

Even if the leftists lose their fight to fire Professor McAdams, they still win because what other professor wants to risk his or her job to express ideas the leftists proscribe? 


America’s Decline Has Turned Into Outright Decay  By Dennis Prager 

“If you acknowledge that American society is in decay, it is your obligation to fight to undo it.  If you can’t acknowledge that American society is in decay, you are providing proof that it is.”


But some Patriots are resisting the decay and fighting to restore America. 

Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh Playing ‘American Sniper’ And ‘If That Offends Anybody Then So Be It’ 


Dinesh D’Souza was right 

Planned Defense Cuts Threaten America’s Security 

Kissinger and Schultz: Iran deal brings region closer to nuclear war 

No one could be this incompetent.  Watch the movie 2016, and everything Obama does makes sense. 


Global Warming ‘Pause’ Continues — Temperature Standstill Lengthens to 18 years 4 months 


Regional government in action. 

SANBAG plans toll lanes on the 10 and 15 (former) Freeways 

However, some good news.  Thanks to Patriot citizen activists, Victorville City Council member and VP of SANBAG Ryan McEachorn withdrew a resolution before the Victorville City Council to support toll lanes. 

BTW, Facebook suspended Tressy Capps’ account for calling SANBAG “SCAMBAG.”  Thou shalt not take the name of a government agency in vain. 


Activists protest Rep. Aguilar over immigration stance 

Aguilar and virtually all Dems favor illegal immigration and amnesty to stack the voting deck with people who will vote for their agenda to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and getting more customers for the welfare state is nice too.

Aguilar and virtually all Dems favor illegal immigration and amnesty,

Even though the CBO determined that amnesty will decrease wages and increase unemployment for American workers.

Even though California taxpayers already pay >$25 BILLION per year for illegal immigrants.  80% of illegal immigrant households use one or more welfare entitlements. 

Even though wages for American workers are down during the Obama so called “recovery.”

Even though amnesty rewards people who broke our laws and will encourage more illegal immigration.

For any African Americans who read this, when the black unemployment rate nationally is > 10% (probably higher in California), why are Obama and the Dems giving work permits to any illegal immigrants?  Why are California Dems aiding and abetting illegal immigrants?

For Latino US citizens, I would ask the same questions.

Even worse than supporting illegal immigration and amnesty that will decrease wages and increase unemployment for American workers, Pete Aguilar supports Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

Pete Aguilar supports the president, at least a Dem president, having the dictator like power to abrogate laws he doesn’t like and enact new laws by decree.

Preserving our Constitution and republic is more important than achieving a partisan political goal, even stacking the voting deck in favor of the Dem party. 


Here is what happened when US citizens, who had done nothing wrong, tried to attend a public meeting where Senator Ricardo Lara was speaking. 

When they were finally allowed in, notice how many CHP officers were there to “protect” Senator Lara from the “dangerous mob of US citizens.” 

And here is a Friday afternoon in Senator Lara’s office. 


“Whiskey’s fir drinkin, water’s fir fightin” 

How California Went Dry 

Carly Fiorina: Environmentalists To Blame For California’s ‘Tragic’ Drought 

California experiences reoccurring droughts.  The water shortage is the fault of the Dem party and their leftist green allies.  

Please see Victor Davis Hanson: “An Engineered Drought” 


Victor Davis Hanson: “The Scorching of California, How Green extremists made a bad drought worse” 

In contrast, please see: “A Tale Of Two States: CA Faces Water Shortages But AZ Has Water Stockpiles” 

Please see the trailer to “No Water, No Farmer, No Food” and see what green radical leftists are doing to the people in California’s central valley. 

Furthermore, California has had multiple multibillion-dollar water ponds none of which resulted in any more water.  None of the initial allocations from the latest $7.5 billion water bond were for more water.  As we predicted, the latest $7.5 billion water bond, is just more green pork.  Water Bond Drowning in Pork 

On top of that, the Dems and the leftist green allies have prioritized a non-native baitfish over farms, farmers, jobs and food. 

Since 2000, California voters approved $22 BILLION in water bonds, yet no new water storage or infrastructure.  [Can CA Dems really be that incompetent or is it intentional?] 

The Dems continue to squander money on the HSR boondoggle. 

Because of Dem policies, California taxpayers spend more than $25 billion per year on illegal immigrants. 

California under Dem rule is incapable of implementing a multibillion-dollar construction project.  It will inevitably devolve into an orgy of incompetence, waste, crony capitalism and payoffs for every Dem leftist group under the sun. 

If the Rep party had any fighting spirit left, they would point this out. 



If conservatives had governed California for the last 40 years, we would not be in this situation.  If conservatives began governing California and America today, we would solve the water shortage by: 

  1. All water bond money would be allocated to producing and delivering more water.
  2. None of the money will be allocated to things like sand dune preservation and bike paths. No money for Dem leftist groups.
  3. Environmental red tape and lawsuits will be eliminated.
  4. Earthmovers would already be rolling on making more water storage, collection and transportation infrastructure.
  5. There will be no project labor agreements or prevailing wage laws so the taxpayers would get the most water from their tax dollars.
  6. If private companies can make water from desalinization at a competitive price, they can begin construction of desalinization plants immediately.
  7. Water will be allocated first to people, farmers, farms, jobs and food.
  8. Change laws restricting water supply. For example, the City of San Bernardino has a large amount of groundwater, but state laws restrict city’s ability to develop and sell the water.  Such laws will be changed repealed.
  9. Encourage private water investment. Environmental red tape and lawsuits will be eliminated.  Private water developers will be able to sell their water at market price.
  10. Cancel the HSR boondoggle and ask the voters’ permission to use the HSR bond money for water storage and delivery infrastructure.
  11. Repeal AB 32 and all laws requiring or subsidizing more expensive “alternative energy.” Less expensive energy will make storing and moving water less expensive and it may make desalinization economical.
  12. Government contractors will be paid for results, i.e. completed dams, aqueducts etc. 

If the Rep party was a conservative party and if they had any fighting spirit left, the foregoing would be their plan and agenda to take to the voters through candidates and through initiatives in 2016. 

“If you want perpetual water shortages, keep voting Democrat.  If you want more water (and more jobs and lower energy prices) try voting Republican.”


As part of “Sustainability” SANBAG plans to spend $475 Million on the Redlands “Crazy Train” to San Bernardino. 

Take the Redlands “Crazy Train” Poll 

[Updated] The Redlands (Crazy) Train Project: It’s Worse Than Another Waste of Our Money Government Boondoggle 

To learn more the $250 Million Redland “Crazy Train” that will run 24 trains through downtown Redlands to U or R each day, with diesel locomotives, with 12 street crossing, snarling traffic especially getting to the freeway, making noise and making life, business and traffic worse.  Then comes the “transit oriented development,” dense, high rise “stack and pack” housing.  The City wants to replace the Redlands Mall with a huge, high rise 5 or 6 story commercial and “stack and pack” housing project.  

In short, Agenda 21 comes to Redlands. 

Please see and sign up for updates at: 


[All power is inherent in the people if they choose to use it.  The people of Redlands can stop the Redlands Crazy Train if they choose to do so.]

#Agenda21 #Sustainability #Boondoggle


I believe conservatives should use their wallets and purses in service of the cause (when reasonably possible). is a good source of information to do so. 


 “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis 

We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan 

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill 

If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis 

It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs 


Gregory W. Brittain, Attorney at Law

Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet Member

Unite IE Board Member

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