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Unite IE Radio with Paul Chabot and Things You Should Know This Week (03/28/15)

Unite IE Radio with Paul Chabot and Things You Should Know This Week (03/28/15) 


Unite IE Radio

Saturday, March 28, 11:30 am (and usually 10:00 pm)

AM 590 The Answer 

Guest: Dr. Paul Chabot 

Paul Chabot narrowly lost his race for Congress in 2014, ~3400 votes after being outspent 8-1 in a district with a 6% Dem registration advantage [and that is just among the voters who are still alive].  The current Congressman, “For Pete’s Sake” Aguilar, votes with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time.  The Dems listed Aguilar as one of their most endangered members for 2016. 

Paul Chabot is running again in 2016.  Paul is a reserve naval intelligence officer who served in Iraq and a former reserve sheriff’s deputy.  

On Unite IE Radio Paul discusses the 2014 at 2016 elections, his book “How to Defeat ISIS,” Obama’s ineffective and incompetent foreign-policy, Common Core and other issues facing our country. #CD31 

We also discuss Dr. Duke Pesta’s great Common Core presentation on March 25 and how parents need to reclaim THEIR classrooms and control of the moral and academic education of their children.

#CommonCore #NoCommonCore #OptOut 

Dr. Duke Pesta Common Core Event March 25 Review 

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The Tea Party Patriots and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots seek to protect and restore the freedom and opportunity for you, your children and grandchildren to pursue the American dream through: 

  • Personal Freedom with Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Economic Freedom with Opportunity for All and Favoritism for None
  • A Debt Free Future through Fiscal Responsibility Today 

The latest Redlands Tea Party Patriots newsletter: 

Tea Party Patriots’ legislative updates published on Mondays are excellent.  You get information and insight not found anywhere else. |


#TeaParty #Freedom #Opportunity #AmericanDream



Dr. Duke Pesta Common Core Event March 25 Review

#CommonCore #NoCommonCore #OptOut

[If you the chance to hear Dr. Pesta, I strongly recommend it.  Dr. Pesta is captivating speaker, and he clearly and persuasively lays out why Common Core is insidiously bad for children, teachers and America.] 


Next Redlands Tea Party Patriots Meeting, April 2, 7:00 

Dan Titus, will speak at the next Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting on April 2, 7:00 regarding Agenda 21 and so called “Sustainability.”  Come learn more about the real agenda behind those words: more government, higher taxes, less freedom, less prosperity and restricted property rights. 

How does the Sierra Club define “sustainability”? 

Sierra Club: “We have to de-grow our economy” 

“Whether you move to a smaller house or an apartment, downsize to one or no car, or simply have fewer lattes to-go, a smaller paycheck could reduce consumption overall.” 

If they want to work less, strive less, accomplish less, and accept a lower standard of living, I have no problem with that.  It’s still a free country.  However, the green Left wants to force that lifestyle on everyone. 

#Agenda21 #Sustainability 


An Open Letter to

By (uber liberal) columnist Maureen Dowd) 

“Thus, we are writing to bring to your attention two features of our democracy: The importance of preserving historical records and the ill-advised gluttony of an American feminist icon wallowing in regressive Middle Eastern states’ payola.” 

“Instead of raising us up by behaving like exemplary, sterling people, you bring us down to your own level, a place of blurred lines and fungible ethics and sleazy associates.” 

“When the Rogue State of Bill began demonizing Monica Lewinsky as a troubled stalker, you knew you could count on the complicity of feminists and Democratic women in Congress. Bill’s female cabinet members and feminist supporters had no choice but to accept the unappetizing quid pro quo: The Clintons would give women progressive public policies as long as the women didn’t assail Bill for his regressive private behavior with women.” 

“Bill, your pathology is more human and interesting. It’s almost like you need to create messes to see if your extraordinary political gifts can get you out of them. It’s a fatherless boy’s “How Much Do You Love Me?” syndrome. Do you love me enough to let me get away with this?”

#HillaryClinton #Hillary 


Fran Tarkenton, What if the NFL Played by Teachers’ Rules?

[An oldie but goody.  Tarkenton’s simple, clear and brilliant analysis of why government run education fails is Milton Friedman-esque.] 


Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic

Patrick Moore was a cofounder and leader of Greenpeace for 15 years.


[Dr. Moore is also with  Comfortably well feed environmental groups are blocking golden rice, which is genetically modified to produce that “deadly substance,” beta-carotene, that can save 2 MILLION children per year who die from causes related Vitamin A deficiency.]


Why Climate Change Is A Moral Crusade In Search Of A Scientific Theory

[A long but good article explaining the psychology of the “Church of Climate.”]

#GlobalWarming #GlobalWarmingHoax


Heidi Huber: It’s a Parent’s Responsibility to Act Now (1:21)

[Common Core and citizen involvement] 


Dems want to empower Boehner

[What more needs to be said?]



Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video

[Project Veritas strikes again.  If I did not know it is genuine, I would have said this is a SNL or Onion parody.]


Walker and amnesty 

Scott Walker Flip Flops on Immigration Stance? 

Scott Walker Endorses Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants At Private GOP Dinner 

Scott Walker Camp Disputes WSJ story; insists gov. ‘does not support Amnesty’ 

[I do not know what Walker said at the private meeting.  When Walker was on Fox News Sunday recently, in a muddled exchange with Wallace, I believe Walker said he could or would support “a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants,” i.e. amnesty. 

While no candidate is perfect, I believe amnesty must be a deal breaker issue for conservatives.]



Hillary ‘Super Volunteers’ Warn Reporter Against Using ‘Sexist’ Words

Sexist words, according to the group, include: “polarizing,” “calculating,” “disingenuous,” “insincere,” “ambitious,” “inevitable,” “entitled,” “over confident,” “secretive,” will do anything to win,” “represents the past,” and “out of touch.” 

[Why are Hillary’s supporters concerned that reporters would use those words to describer her?]

#HillaryClinton #Hillary


Ted Cruz, Previous Experience, and Predictors of Success

[His experience is broader than I knew.]



[Calling Obama’s policy towards Iran “appeasement” may be too generous.] 

Obama Invites Iranian Nuclear EMP Attack On U.S


Dershowitz Rips Obama On Iran: Couldn’t ‘Negotiate A One-Month Lease’


U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

Limited options for Congress as Obama seeks to bypass lawmakers

US (Obama) Caves to Key Iranian Demands


Yemen Just The Latest Example Of Obama’s New Mideast


Saudi Arabia says it won’t rule out building nuclear weapons

[Western intelligence agencies believe that the Saudi monarchy paid for up to 60% of Pakistan’s nuclear programme in return for the ability to buy warheads for itself at short notice, the Guardian newspaper reported in 2010.]

#Obama #Appeasement #Iran


Take the Redlands “Crazy Train” Poll 

[Updated] The Redlands (Crazy) Train Project: It’s Worse Than Another Waste of Our Money Government Boondoggle 

To learn more the $250 Million Redland “Crazy Train” that will run 24 trains through downtown Redlands to U or R each day, with diesel locomotives, with 12 street crossing, snarling traffic especially getting to the freeway, making noise and making life, business and traffic worse.  Then comes the “transit oriented development,” dense, high rise “stack and pack” housing.  The City wants to replace the Redlands Mall with a huge, high rise 5 or 6 story commercial and “stack and pack” housing project.  

In short, Agenda 21 comes to Redlands. 

Please see and sign up for updates at: 


[All power is inherent in the people if they choose to use it.  The people of Redlands can stop the Redlands Crazy Train if they choose to do so.]

#Agenda21 #Sustainability #Boondoggle


I believe conservatives should use their wallets and purses in service of the cause (when reasonably possible). is a good source of information to do so. 


 “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis 

We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan 

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill 

If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis 

It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs 


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