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Update on the Co-ed Bathroom Law Petition

Update on the “Co-ed Bathroom Law” Petition

Here’s an update from Privacy for All Students on the progress of the petition to repeal AB 1266, the “Co-ed Bathroom Law.”

This newsletter erroneously credits a lone Redlands signature gatherer with collecting 800 signatures. Actually, credit goes to all the signature gatherers in the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. Great work, everyone. Keep those signatures coming.


Privacy For All Students
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I have to give you credit – you and so many of our allies are responding in record fashion to our call to put the co-ed shower and bathroom law on the ballot. Thank you!!

I’m happy to report that enthusiasm is running high among the grassroots. For example:

  • We’ve already blown through our first batch of 100,000 petitions, and have another 100,000 petitions on their way to campaign offices.
  • We’ve nearly doubled the number of petition centers throughout the state where you can obtain blank petitions and return completed ones. Please search for a center near you.
  • Tens of thousands of individuals have already downloaded the petition, and completed petitions are arriving in our office every day.
  • Our staff and volunteers are working overtime filling petition orders as they arrive.

Here’s a typical batch of petitions on their way out the door.


This is all possible because you’ve responded to our requests for funds to mount this incredibly important effort to protect the security and privacy of our children and grandchildren while they are in the most vulnerable areas at school – showers, bathrooms and locker rooms. 

In fact, several hundred of you have made generous contributions to help us get this critical effort off the ground. Thank you for your support!

Unfortunately, the financial pressures on the campaign are only beginning. Soon, we’ll have to print petitions again, and get them to an increasing number of supporters to circulate in churches and other locales. The timeframe to collect the nearly 505,000 voter signatures we need to put the law on the ballot is very short. In just two weeks we need to make the first of what will be an ongoing series of payments to deploy professional petition circulators to supplement the work of our volunteers.

That’s why I need to ask you to make a financial contribution if you haven’t done so already. Please give today so that we can keep up the momentum we’ve built. Some have given as much as $750. Several people have donated $500. Still others matched my own contribution of $166, while many have given $25 or $50. Whatever you can afford to give, please do so today.

Not only are people signing petitions, they are out collecting voter signatures. Here’s a supporter at her local WalMart, where she’s had great success getting voters to sign petitions.


We encourage you to do the same. Please hand-make a sign (or print one off the website here), grab a card table and spend an evening (or a weekend) collecting signatures at your own local WalMart or grocery store. Remember to review the petition instructions and to call the store manager first to make sure you follow any store rules about where you can set up.

Yesterday was a good day on the petition front. In the morning we heard from a supporter in Redlands who had collected 800 signatures all by himself, but he wasn’t going to send in his petitions until he’d collected 1,000 signatures! We immediately sent him more petitions – and we hope he’ll keep going way past 1,000! Later in the day, a backer in San Diego asked for 2,500 petitions that she could distribute to a network of churches she’s signed up to help!

That’s the kind of support that we need to keep our momentum growing.  But it also shows why we need to urgently raise funds to support the campaign. I hope you will do your part, and make a generous financial contribution today.

We’re in a race against time. We only have until early November to collect the nearly 505,000 voter signatures we need to stop the co-ed bathroom law from taking effect. It’s a daunting task, for sure. But with your help, we can do it. We can protect the privacy and security of our children and grandchildren and make sure they are not exposed to a member of the opposite sex while in the most sensitive areas of a public school – showers, bathrooms and locker rooms.

Yesterday afternoon I spoke with a father who wants to help. His daughter just started kindergarten at a K-8 public school. He reminded me that an 8th grader looks pretty big to a little kindergartner. The last thing she needs is to be confronted in the bathroom by an 8th grade male who claims a “gender identity” with the female sex.

We can stop this from happening, but only if we act now.


Frank Schubert

Campaign Manager

PS – Don’t forget to ask your pastor to make an announcement at church to encourage members to sign the petition. Organize a group to collect signatures before and after services. And please, if you haven’t already done so, please make a financial contribution today so that we can keep our momentum going.

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