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We Don’t Wait Until Labor Day

We don’t wait until Labor Day to start stuff!


No summer lulls for the Redlands Tea Party Patriots!

This Sunday, our own Marilyn Snyder, a long-time cabinet member of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, will debut her weekly column for the Redlands Daily Facts. (Finally!  A Tea Party voice in the Redlands Daily Facts!) 

Our Aug. 1 general meeting will feature speakers discussing the Founding Fathers and government budgets.

The first speaker is John L. Hancock, author of “Liberty Inherited: The Untold Story of American Exceptionalism.” He will go beyond the our familiar textbook understanding of history and discuss how the Founding Fathers perceived the era they were living in and how they went on to make history.

Also speaking is Jeffrey Ogan, the capital manager of Redwood Capital Funding in Riverside. Jeffrey is well-versed in all aspects of governmental budgeting and accounting. He will use his keen understanding of the budget process to discuss fiscal responsibility — or the lack of it.

During announcements, cabinet member John Berry will discuss his recent visit to the Leadership Institute at its headquarters in Arlington, Va.

The Leadership Institute, once in the crosshairs of the IRS’ illegal targeting of conservative groups, will travel to Redlands on Sept. 7 for an all-day training session designed to give conservatives the motivation and knowledge they need to get off the couch and onto the political football field. The training is also designed for people who are considering a run for office.

And just for us, one trainer is flying from Massachusetts to detail how conservatives can win elections in liberal areas. The link to the training is:

The cost for the training is $25, but $20 for early registration. You can sign up at our Aug. 1 meeting. We will bringing our computers.

And if you sign up then, you could also earn a coupon for $10 off toward the $25 meal, which covers a light breakfast as well as a two-meat lunch and soft drinks.

That means training and food could cost you as little as $35.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a national-level conservative group has traveled to Redlands to deliver such high-quality training.

The Leadership Institute will travel to Ontario on Sept. 19 for a one-night class titled, “Issues that Unite: Latinos and Conservatism.” The web site lists the training as in Los Angeles, but LI said some readers think of Canada when they write “Ontario,” so they listed the training as in Los Angeles to avoid confusion among non-California residents. See the LI site for more details.

The speakers for our September and October meetings are already set! More about them at our Aug. 1 meeting.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots are members of the Tea Party Patriots, the national group that was the prime target of Obama’s IRS attack dogs. We’re all aware and outraged about that.

But the Tea Party Patriots does much, much more than what the media reports. The group has long memories for candidates who campaign as conservatives only to go wobbly when they reach Congress. They are about to embark on a nationwide campaign targeting senators and representatives favoring amnesty and Obamacare.

You can get involved in these efforts by signing up at the Tea Party Patriot website,

While there, sign up for a free bumper sticker to “Stop IRS Targeting.” The site hosts a wide variety of information any true American or patriot would love. One link is to a letter protesting the amnesty bill meandering through Congress.

Also, a big and special patriot hug of thanks to all the patriots who volunteered for our successful July 4 booth at the Redlands Independence Day Celebration.