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What Did The President Know

What Did the President Know and When Did

He Know It?


We are awash in Watergate-era quotes and flashbacks now that the media has finally caught on to

what we’ve known for years; namely, Barack Obama is an arrogant tyrant who will step on the

US Constitution to gain ever more power.

With luck, prayers and evidence, congressional investigators will find the proof linking Obama to the

IRS Scandal he obviously engineered. The media is loathe to admit that one of the drafted articles of

impeachment against Richard Nixon involved the abuse of the IRS to punish political opponents.

The National Tea Party Patriots, of which we are a member, are leading a nation-wide effort to gather

evidence. Momentum is growing. Lawsuits are planned. Even the Non-Fox Media is following this

story. Stay tuned.

Like the National Tea Party Patriots, we in the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are doing our part to save

our country.

In August or September, we will help the Leadership Institute, a conservative activist training group

from Arlington, Virginia, conduct a full-day of training in Redlands. This is a joint effort of our group,

Redlands Townhall, the Redlands Republican Women’s Club and the San Bernardino County College

Republicans. Classes will include “boots on the ground,” messaging, holding politicians accountable,

among others. Costs, time and locations TBD. The goal of this “grassroots activist” training is to provide

motivated and patriotic conservatives with the knowledge, training and confidence they need to get off

the bench and onto the political football field.

Our June 6 meeting features State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who has opened an exploratory

committee for governor in 2014. We will also have Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute, who will

discuss “gender insanity” involving two bills in the California Legislature. According to

PJI, AB1266 eliminates the  barriers in K-12 education that keeps boys and girls on separate sports

teams and in different locker rooms. SB323 eliminates the tax exemptions for youth groups — ranging

from Boy Scouts to Little League and  religious schools — if they don’t accept LGBT standards set by

Sacramento. This legislation has thus far survived every committee vote and appear to be heading for

chamber-wide votes.

This will be a packed and busy meeting. Please be on time. The media has indicated they might cover

the meeting because they are interested in our reaction to the ongoing IRS Scandal.

We will not have a monthly meeting on Thursday, July 4. Instead, we will host a booth at Slyvan Park in

Redlands as well as a parade float as part of the city’s annual Fourth of July celebration. Details of booth

and float TBD.