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What Price Freedom

What Price Freedom?

By Marilyn Snyder

Published in the Redlands Daily Facts, September 01, 2013

As American citizens we each have a responsibility unique in the world.

It is our job to elect compe­tent and honest people to repre­sent us in leadership positions at every level of government.

We Americans have had that privilege for 237 years or, in my case, for less than 60 years when my grandfather became a U.S. citizen.

Even as a child I recognized how lucky that made me.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vig­ilance.”

Because we have a represen­tative democracy, it is our re­sponsibility as citizens to guard our nation against those who would tear it down.

We are expected to be in­volved with the process of elect­ing representatives who uphold the Constitution and our values, a task we cannot offload to any­one else.

Many of us feel we could do a much better job if we had spe­cific training on how to fulfill that responsibility.

Helping to make the learn­ing curve shorter, a coalition of conservative groups is working together to bring the Leader­ship Institute of Arlington, Va., to the Inland Empire on Sept. 7.

The goal is to assist in train­ing locals who know that the only way to stop the downward spiral of America is to become an active participant in the election process.

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Partnering with the Red­lands Tea Party Patriots is Redlands Townhall and the Redlands Republican Women’s Club.

The Leadership Institute is a conservative training organiza­tion that has been training con­servative leaders and activists since 1979.

Interestingly, the Leadership Institute was one of the conser­vative organizations targeted by the IRS for special scrutiny.

It is especially significant to the Redlands Tea Party Patri­ots, many of whom are Johnny­come-latelys to the whole poli­tics game, and are helping grow our local tea party movement into a regional power.

Our members join us from throughout the Inland Empire.

We don’t have years of politi­cal background to help us as we struggle to reverse the direc­tion taken by our cities, states and the federal government to­ward fiscal irresponsibility and the weakening of Constitutional law.

Individually we have grown to understand the need for full citizen participation in the elec­tion process.

Oh sure, we knew it in the­ory because we’ve heard it all our lives.

But actually putting the shoe leather to the pavement and canvassing has been a whole new life experience.

During the 2012 election the Redlands Tea Party made a sig­nificant impact on a number of elections by promoting the can­didacy of conservatives in both the primaries and the general election.

While we are a bi-partisan organization, we befriend con­servative candidates who es­pouse our values of free mar­kets, fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited govern­ment.

Many people see the negative direction America and Califor­nia are taking, but do not know what they can do to change that direction and restore the prin­ciples that made America great, free and prosperous.

This training is designed not just for political activists, but also for people who want to get off the couch and onto the polit­ical football field.

People considering a run for office are encouraged to attend.

This training is open to the public and to people of any po­litical stripe. Come and learn to make a difference and stand up for your conservative values.

At a recent gathering at my house, it seemed downright om­inous when one friend stayed after to warn me that one of my guests was a liberal.

The friend seemed to think that my conservative comments about a political issue were in­appropriate in mixed com­pany— liberals and conserva­tives.

How better to get a conversa­tion going?

Since today’s average con­servative seems compelled to whisper their beliefs when in that kind of mixed company, this workshop might help them and the rest of us feel more con­fident about expressing our be­liefs, airing contrasting view­points, and bearing our respon­sibility as citizens to pay the price for freedom.

And, in the process, electing conservatives to office.