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by Michael Greer
Blog- Madderthanhell

September 17, 2014
Have we forgotten what it means to be American?

We used to be able to describe American values. America used to have a persona, a culture, an identity. Norman Rockwell was famous for capturing that identity beautifully. Families around the Thanksgiving table, soldiers welcomed home from war, kids arguing over a game, a boy asking a girl for a date. Now we’d be mocked for even thinking that represented America. Maybe it doesn’t anymore. Is that a good thing?

From our founding, we have been a Judeo/Christian country. Our values were self- determination, personal responsibility, hard work, free markets, faith in God and country. We’re the rugged individualists, the pioneers, the cowboys. We’re the guys in the white hats. Until recently, our Olympic uniforms included actual cowboy hats. Last year, they gave our Olympic athletes berets. When have berets ever been identified as American??

Our identity is being wiped from the public square. Every sign of who we are, or what we’ve been, is vanishing. The “Freedom from Religion” cabal is going around the country threatening or filing lawsuits against any sign of religious faith. They don’t want Christmas trees or Nativity scenes in public parks. They don’t want the 9/11 iron cross displayed at the memorial. They don’t want football teams praying, or players thanking God after scoring. They don’t want Bibles in hotel rooms. This isn’t what our Constitution promises us! It guarantees our freedom OF religion. These people are against all faith, their very name states it boldly: freedom FROM religion. Daniel Webster once said “But what are lands, and seas, and skies to civilized man without society, without knowledge, without morals, without religious culture.”

Our schools aren’t teaching history, or giving our children any reason to love America. They are teaching that everything that made America great is corrupt and/or evil. Our kids are being taught we are greedy, irresponsible pigs, who are destroying the planet. In fact, we have the cleanest country in the world. The left fails to point out that the richer the country, the cleaner it is. They intimidate our children into fearing guns. Did our cops-and-robbers and cowboys-and-Indians games turn us into killers? The left is teaching our children that what many of us believe to be immoral is now moral. They are taking away our children’s free choice. Bake sales and lemonade stands are being banned. They are teaching collectivism, social justice, and moral relativism. A few weeks ago, a father in uniform was refused entry to his child’s school. They told him he couldn’t enter unless he changed clothes. He was told his uniform might offend some of the children. What??! We’re now offended by our military?
The left is removing every reason for our children to feel pride and love for America.
Recently, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that American students can’t wear patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo. Why? Because it might incite violence. Really? Really? Wearing an American flag on your shirt in AMERICA would incite violence? Why would we protect those threatening that violence? Why is an American school celebrating a phony Mexican holiday anyway? May 5th is not the Mexican Independence Day. It doesn’t matter if most of the kids are Mexican by heritage, many of them were born in America. And those who weren’t are living here by our largesse. Most of those kids are Americans. Our immigration laws require immigrants to learn our language, our form of government, and to assimilate into our society. They are supposed to accommodate our culture, we’re not supposed to accommodate theirs. More and more, schools are rejecting the Pledge of Allegiance and not singing the National Anthem because they don’t want to “offend” someone from another country. On 9/11, at a school in Florida, students came to school with American flags on their cars and trucks. School officials removed them. Why are we allowing people to come to this country who are offended by our flag? And why would we restrict our freedoms in order not to offend someone?
Immigrants used to be people who wanted to be Americans, not people who want to impose their culture on us, while benefiting from our generosity!
Rep. Maxine Waters said people against Sharia law were bigots. She actually thinks two conflicting forms of law should be tolerated. How are Sharia law and our Constitution compatible, for example on woman’s rights or religious freedom? CAIR isn’t interested in Muslims assimilating into our culture, they are interested in imposing their culture on us. And we are allowing it.

The war on the Redskins football team is another example. The left is trying to intimidate all teams with Indian names into changing them. Many schools have already bowed to threats of lawsuits and loss of federal dollars, and changed their teams’ names. I always believed that giving teams Indian names was a sign of respect and honor. I think most of us think that. Our teams were strong, proud, and fearless. I don’t understand how that is disrespectful. It is a way to honor our Indian heritage. Most Indians feel that way as well, but the left doesn’t care. They refuse to rest until they wipe all Indian symbols from our culture. After all, they have already succeeded in making the wearing of Indian headdresses a sin. The left went apoplectic when Pharrell Williams appeared on the cover of a magazine in an Indian headdress.

What was the symbol of the ideal life in “The Giver”? A family gathered around a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols…..something the left is trying to eliminate from our culture. What is the theme of most of our favorite classic movies? Christmas, family, soldiers, love, and loyalty. Look around, they are all being wiped from our culture. No sign of our religious faith, no sign of our heritage, no sign of those who fought and died for us, no sign that we believe in anything. No sign of those who came before us. We are afraid to speak, afraid to stand for anything, afraid to say no. Who are we anymore??

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