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Who Should American Patriots Rally Around?

Trump 08 w Cruz


On December 26, I wrote that conservatives have two choices for president, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Donald Trump is far in front, but I recommended and recommend everyone reconsider our choices before making a final decision.  This election may be the last chance to stop the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

Who can best lead against the corrupt, incompetent, “do as we say not as we do” #RulingClass “that is making America less prosperous, less free, and more dangerous” and lead against the “demographic, political, and cultural transformation” of America that the #RulingClass is causing, aiding and abetting, or at least doing nothing to stop?

This is a crucial decision.  4-8 more years of open borders and mass immigration may put the country beyond reach.

Two good articles linked and excerpted below.  One for #Trump and one for #Cruz.


Brent Bozell wrote “It’s Time To Rally Around Ted Cruz”


“On every issue of crucial importance to conservatives—defunding Planned Parenthood, ending the Obamacare nightmare, reducing the size of government, opposing amnesty—Cruz is not only with conservatives, he’s led the fight for conservatives.”

“Some Republicans vote the right way on these issues. Few stick their necks out and challenge the Washington DC GOP establishment. He’s done it over and over, fearlessly. It’s what leaders do.”

“Ted Cruz could play that game too. Life would be easy. But he came to Washington to change Washington. He’s the one candidate the establishment most fears – because he will.”

“There’s nothing the Left would like more than to see Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. He cannot, will not defeat Hillary Clinton. She will be our next president, and God help us then.  Only Ted Cruz can defeat Trump; and if he does, he’ll defeat Hillary.”


Diana West wrote: “It’s Time to Rally Around Donald Trump”


“Ted Cruz is a good man and a fine candidate — my own second choice — but I believe GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the candidate for American patriots to rally around.”

“[I]f, say, a President Cruz were to ensure [as Bozell suggests] that Planned Parenthood was defunded, Obamacare ended, government trimmed, and amnesty once again staved off for another election cycle — we would all rejoice. However, the Constitution, the Republic, would be no more secure. On the contrary, they would still teeter on the edge of extinction, lost in a demographic, political, and cultural transformation that our fathers, founding and otherwise, would find inconceivable — and particularly if they ever found out that the crisis took hold when We the People lost our nerve even to talk about immigration and Islam.”

“It is in this danger zone of lost nerve and the vanishing nation-state where the extraordinary presidential candidacy of Donald Trump began. Like the nation-state itself, it started with the concept of a border, when Donald Trump told us he wanted to build a wall. Circa 21st-century-America, that took a lot of nerve.”

“A well-defended border is an obvious requisite for any nation-state. It bears noting, however, that before Donald Trump, not one commander in chief, and (aside from former Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-CO), not one figure of national fame and repute I can think of had ever put it to the people of this land that a wall was a way to stop our border crisis: the unceasing flow into the nation of illegal masses of mainly Spanish-speaking aliens, among them terrorists, criminals (yes, including rapists and murderers) and transnational gangs. On the contrary, crime and chaos at the U.S. non-border are what every branch and bureaucracy of our government expect We, the People to accept as normal — and pay for as good citizens.”

“Notwithstanding Cruz and his consistent conservatism (in which Bozell places great stock), immigration wouldn’t even be a campaign issue without Donald Trump. In my opinion, the Trump plan is absolutely essential to any possible return, as Bozell puts it, to America’s constitutional foundations and Judeo-Christian principles. I actually think of it as our last shot.”

“As Trump makes clear, our country’s representatives have no clue. Worse, they seem content to remain in ignorance no matter how many Americans die, no matter how far sharia spreads. Not Trump. When you think about it, his call for a Muslim immigration moratorium is really a no-brainer — but whose “politically correct” brain is capable even of thinking of it, let alone calling for it out loud? I regret to say that Sen. Cruz does not support Trump’s moratorium, deferring instead to a rosier vision of Islam and immigration screening both in order, politely, to reject it.”

“That’s too bad, but so it goes, further testament to the fearless, agenda-setting powers of Trump. It’s really quite incredible: soon, maybe even before it’s too late, GOP primary voters will have a clear choice on walls, borders, immigration, even Islamic immigration (and, I would hope, the related issue of Islamic law), all because Donald Trump plucked these crucial issues from the void where the politicians, including good conservatives, have been eager to leave them.”


I agree with West about the precarious state of the Republic and the “demographic, political, and cultural transformation” underway. 

Ann Coulter is spot on that: “Immigration is the most important issue because it determines all other issues.”

Therefore, the key question is who can best lead against the corrupt, incompetent, “do as we say not as we do” #RulingClass “that is making America less prosperous, less free, and more dangerous” and lead against the “demographic, political, and cultural transformation” of America that the #RulingClass is causing, aiding and abetting, or at least doing nothing to stop?

Of course, neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz can save America by themselves.  Who we elect as president is important, but only We the People can do that.

As always, “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis