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Yet Another Tea Party Letter the Facts is Refusing to Publish

Yet Another Tea Party Letter the Facts is Refusing to Publish

Facts editor:

It’s the Christmas season, but that’s not enough of a reason for columnist George Alfano to give us a break from the predictable tripe he regurgitates all year long.

In the Dec 15 edition of the Redlands Daily Facts, Alfano — member of the Redlands Area Democratic Club — compared the Tea Party movement and Republicans to Scrooge, as though comparing anything to Scrooge has never been done before. How original.

Alfano took a series of cheap shots at the Tea Party movement to justify his laughable yet unquestioning belief in big government solutions — in this case food stamps. And he’s George Alfano, so of course he didn’t include any relevant facts.

Food stamp usage in the United States has exploded during the Obama administration, from about 32 million Americans in 2009 to almost 50 million in 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, the so-called “Scrooge” Republicans are proposing only tepid rollbacks to get this government addiction program back in balance.

There is absolutely no good reason why food stamp usage should be exploding if the economy were doing as well as Obama claims. Similarly, there is no sufficient reason why a record 20 million able-bodied Americans are no longer participating in the work force.

But the real reason for the food stamp explosion is that Obama is trying to turn working people into government addicts. It’s no accident that Obama’s TelePrompTer never scrolls through words encouraging Americans to attain their dreams through independent living, self-reliance, and hard work. Obama’s obscured goal, whether it’s food stamps or other big government programs, is to create more reliable liberals on Election Day.

Alfano’s leftist and dogmatic columns reveal his unquestionable faith in the same big government programs that have not only driven us $17 trillion into debt, but have proven to be social, economic, and moral failures. And that’s even before Obamacare has taken full effect.

The Tea Party movement is leading the charge to reverse the damage big government liberals have inflicted on our great nation (we wish more establishment Republicans would grow spines and join us). Regardless, through the tea party principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets and constitutionally limited government, we can help return the US to the shining city on the hill it once was.

Back to Alfano. It’s clear he needs some fresh material for his next column.

It’s the giving season, so I have a suggestion: His Democrats are circumventing the democratic process in an attempt to get his Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar into Congress. The filing deadline isn’t until next March, yet area Democratic clubs have already endorsed Pete, and withheld information from other Democratic candidates, even before the public knows who is actually running.

These backroom deals are so stinky that even the uber-liberal Los Angeles Times has taken notice and reported the story (credit to the Redlands Daily Facts for being the first to report Pete’s transgressions, by the way).

Unlike liberals, who march lock-step with Obama, the Tea Party movement has shown time and time again that we have the courage, candor, and character to buck the establishment and stand up for our beliefs.

And unlike Alfano, our public letters prove that we’re not a bunch of predictable and boring apparatchiks.

John F. Berry

Cabinet member

Redlands Tea Party Patriots